Board of Directors

President: Gord Mills
Past President: Bernie Shantz
1st Vice-President: Billie Jo Mark
2nd Vice-President: Mike Roth
Secretary: Joyce Junker
Treasurer: Steve McNeil

Rich Baechler
Gary Bender
Rick Haffner
Gary Hobbs
Kevin Steinacker
Derek Sword


Team Management

General Manager/Head Coach: Shane Gerber
Assistant General Manager: Andrew Henderson
Assistant Coaches: Doug Hohl, Adam Kuntz
Goalie Coach: Nick Trask
Team Trainer: Kaitlyn Kelly
Equipment Managers: Allen Denison, Al McCormick, Bruce Baechler
Scouting Staff: Andrew Henderson, Chris Yoworski

Booster Club

Volunteer members of the Booster Club assist the Executive when called upon. Duties include helping on game nights with 50/50 sales, program sales, chuck-a-puck and admission, plus any other tasks needed during the course of game nights. The Booster Club also helps at training camps, meet the players night and the Christmas and end of year Awards banquet as well as with fundraising events such as Moparfest. Booster Club members are not required to attend Executive meetings.

We are grateful for all of our hardworking volunteers and we thank you!

Booster Club Members:
Bryan Pfaff (lead organizer)
Bryan & Mary Pfaff
Carl & Joyce Junker
Ken Schatz
Kevin & Anne Steinacker
Bruce & Marilyn Wagler
Ron, Mary & Graham Deitner
Doug & Mim Miller
Roger & Lori Baechler
Keith & Sondy Bast
Gary McNeil

We are always actively recruiting new booster club members. If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact Club President, Gord Mills.