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New Hamburg Firebirds  (1997 – Present)

The New Hamburg Spirit ’83 of the Niagara District Junior ‘C’ Hockey League changed their name to the Firebirds in 1997. In the 2013-14 season the team joined fellow Niagara teams Woodstock, Paris, and Norwich to form the Midwestern Junior C Hockey League along with Ayr, Burford, Delhi, Tavistock, and Wellesley of the SOJHL in an OHA re-alignment.   They have been a member of the PJHL Doherty Division along with their fellow MWJCHL teams since the PJHL was formed for 2016-17.


New Hamburg Spirit ’83  (1983 – 1997)

The New Hamburg Hahns of the Niagara District Junior ‘C’ Hockey League changed their name to the Spirit ’83 in 1983. In 1997, the team changed their name to the Firebirds.


New Hamburg Hahns  (1960 – 1983)

The New Hamburg Hahns were members of the Interbrew Junior ‘C’ as far back as 1960. The league evolved into the Central Junior ‘C’ Hockey League. In 1977, the Hahns moved up to join the Midwestern Junior ‘B’ Hockey League. In 1982, they dropped back down joining the Niagara District Junior ‘C’ Hockey League. In 1983, the team changed their name to the Spirit 83.


New Hamburg CL Roths  (1953 – 1960)

New Hamburg had a Jr Franchise in the Jr D and C leagues in the 1950′s during that time they were called the CL Roths.


OHA Club 90

The New Hamburg Firebirds Receive OHA Club 90 Status

OHA Press Release, December 12, 2015 — “CLUB 90” is an outcome of the OHA’s Tomorrow’s Game Initiative that was initially developed in 2008 to standardize and improve the operations of all Junior Hockey teams in the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA). This was, and still is, a significant achievement in the operation of hockey programs within Canada.

In consultation with our member teams in each junior hockey category, both mandatory and recommended standards were established and approved by the OHA. These standards included a wide range of areas in the overall operation of hockey ream including but not limited to – on ice considerations, hockey and business operations, volunteers, and the team’s online presence.

A number of independent evaluators were summoned to conduct audits on all OHA teams (120 approximately). The first base line audits were completed in 2012 and secondary audits were completed in the 2014-15 season.

The OHA Board of Directors implemented the “CLUB 90” program to recognize those member teams that, through these independent audits, achieved a score of over 90 percent of all mandatory requirements and 80 percent of recommended requirements, as established through our OHA Tomorrow’s Game project. All OHA teams were audited in the 2014-15 season.

It remains our goal to have all OHA teams achieve this threshold, but we strongly believe that the teams who have met this criteria at this time should be recognized by their peers and be able to utilize this significant achievement to continue to further the quality standards that their hockey program has accomplished.

The OHA would like to again recognize the financial and operational support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation in the development and execution of this project. Without this support, this ambitious project would not have succeeded. It provided our teams with direction and resources to succeed, as well as providing players and their families with assurances that we strive to provide the best quality junior and senior hockey programs within the OHA.

Here is a listing of the PJHL teams that had received Club 90 Status for the 2016-2017 season.


        • Alliston Hornets
        • Amherstburg Admirals
        • Aylmer Spitfires
        • Ayr Centennials
        • Blenheim Blades
        • Clarington Eagles
        • Dorchester Dolphins
        • Dresden Jr. Kings
        • Dundas Blues
        • Dunnville Jr. Mudcats
        • Essex 73’s
        • Grimsby Peach Kings
        • Hanover Barons
        • Huntsville Otters
        • Lakeshore Canadiens
        • Midland Flyers
        • Mooretown Flags
        • Napanee Raiders
        • New Hamburg Firebirds
        • Niagara RiverHawks
        • North Kawartha Knights
        • North Middlesex Stars
        • Paris Mounties
        • Petrolia Flyers
        • Picton Pirates
        • Port Hope Panthers
        • Port Perry MoJacks
        • Schomberg Cougars
        • Stayner Siskins
        • Tavistock Braves
        • Wheatley Sharks
        • Woodstock Navy Vets